Hello world!

So, like the About Me says, I’ve decided that I’m going to try to read all 1001 books from the infamous 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die list. I’m probably going to get tired of reading all of those books and branch out into reading books that AREN’T on the list, but hey, it’ll be interesting either way.

This is kind of just another little “about me” thing, because I haven’t really started the challenge yet. I was taking my time figuring out logistics and putting it off, and then I decided to stop. I am reading a few other books right now, though, so I don’t know when exactly I will start this.

Anyway, I guess I can start with some concerns I have and some challenges I think I’ll face:

Finding All The Books
Right now I’m moved back in with my parents looking for a job or SOMETHING that will get me out of here. Our small-town library has very few of the books that are on this list. Considering how obscure a lot of them are, I’m not surprised. I feel like I’ll be hard-pressed to find some of these books in most places I go. I’ll have to find a way to get access to the weirder ones.
Oh, also, I’m in the process of applying to programs to get to TEFL and move to Prague to teach English. Once I’m over in eastern Europe, I’m guessing it’ll be hard to find English versions of a lot of these books. Also, I’ll have to buy a lot of them because I doubt there’ll be many libraries I can go to.

 The books themselves
I don’t know who made this list (okay, it was  put together by a team of critics…but still), but how do I know that they were right about a lot of these books? There are going to be books I have to read that I DON’T like. Will I have the tenacity to power through them all, or will I just give up on the project altogether?
Also, some of these books have, um, interesting titles. What’s it going to look like if I’m sitting somewhere in public reading a book called Dead Babies or Hideous Kinky? I don’t REALLY care what people think of me, but that just seems like it’d be awkward.

 More about the books
I’m going to have to read some books I hate. I’m going to have to read Jane Austen. I’m going to have to read The Scarlet Letter and What Maisie Knew and Wuthering Heights again. It’s weird, because I majored in English, but I don’t care for most of “the classics.” Well, to be more accurate, I don’t like the Victorians. At all. Will I be able to get through all of these books? I hope so but DEAR GOODNESS I don’t think I can deal with Catherine and Heathcliff a second time.

The scope
This is a massive undertaking. I added it up, and I’ll be reading approximately 371,638 pages. That’s an average of 371 pages per book. Obviously that’s not *really* that bad, but still. It’s a lot. I’m probably going to get burnout and get really tired of it. It’ll most likely be when I have to read a bunch of boring-ass Victorian novels.

 What about other books?
There are tons of books that aren’t on this list that I want to read. And what about all the books that’ll come out in the next 10+ years that won’t be on it that I won’t get to read if I stay exclusively on this list? I’m going to have to find a way to keep moving forward with this project while still reading all the awesome stuff I want to read that’s not on the list.


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