Book #5: Rameau’s Nephew (With Some Pythons)

I don’t have a whole lot to say about Rameau’s Nephew. It’s by Diderot, and in my studies I’ve heard things about Diderot.

book cover

I know that it’s short (which is why I’m doubling up with another book). I know that it’s satire about Enlightenment thought and that it’s kind of a Socratic dialogue. I don’t know a whole lot about Socratic dialogues or philosophy, but I like thinking and I’m willing to read up on it. I also like satire.

It looks like this is a discussion between the narrator-philosopher and Rameau’s nephew (hence the name). According to what I’ve read, they talk about all sorts of things like morality and happiness and awesome things. I’m looking forward to reading it so that hopefully I’ll have more to say.

To make up for the brevity of this post, here’s a Monty Python sketch about philosophers and soccer.


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  1. Yay I found this again! The stupid website wasn’t sending me your updates :( But now it will! Also you should watch the Out of Africa movie (I promise it is good). Also also Monty Python yessss


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