Gothic Enthusiasm?

Last night I dreamed I had to read a book I didn’t really want to again.

I’m not looking forward to Rebecca. This is probably being unfair. I already feel like I’m going to hate it because I associate it with the Victorian women writers like the Brontes and Jane Austen and I really, really don’t care for those books.

I’ve heard that Rebecca is similar to Jane Eyre and that makes me nervous. I’ve read Jane Eyre twice. I’m going to read it again for this project. I haven’t liked it any of those times. I don’t expect to like it the third time. I don’t want to read a book that’s LIKE Jane Eyre. Well, I suppose if it’s like the good parts. Except I’m not sure what the good parts are.

This is probably not the place to be ranting about how much I don’t like Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters. That’s for later.

Rebecca just doesn’t seem like my type of book.

It does seem pretty Gothic, though. We’ve got a mysterious dead wife, a sinister housekeeper, and a house with “haunted” (I’ll have to read to find out if it’s literally) rooms. How very Gothic. Also, this cover looks really scary:

Rebecca book cover, scary

Reviews on Goodreads say that this book will send chills down my spine and that I’ll want to stay up all night reading it. Now, my expectations are not that high, but I am hoping I’ll like it. I took a seminar on Gothic literature in college, so I know allllllll about the Gothic. IN my perfect world, Rebecca would have all the GREAT things about Gothic literature (haunted rooms, crazy people, intrigue, murder, mystery, DESIRE, labyrinths, danger, supernaturallness) and not so many of the absolutely ridiculous things (insane monks, bleeding nuns, “trapped innocence,” and overdramatic exclamations like, “Shall we HURL her down the precipice?!”*)

Wow. Maybe I’m more excited for Rebecca than I thought. Yay!

* See Zofloya, or The Moor. A character actually says that.


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