I shared this blog with a friend. She said she stopped reading one of my posts because she was afraid of spoilers.

(Of course, it could have been because it was long and probably boring, but still…)

I’ve been wondering what I should do about this problem. I’ve generally tried to avoid giving anything away. I know how annoying it can be when endings are spoiled. On the other hand, English majors don’t really give shits about spoiling things because we care more about analysis and discussion.

Sometimes I’m fine just generally reviewing a book. But other times, there are things I really want to write about. It’s hard to avoid spoilers sometimes.

So. I’ve come up with a solution. I will continue to try and avoid spoilers for most of my reviews. If, however, I absolutely can’t, or there’s something I really want to talk about, I will make sure to leave a warning.

I am outing myself as a Doctor Who fan (but that’s okay, right? Right?!) by doing this, but I’ve decided I’m going to use River Song to help protect you guys from spoilers.

So, whenever you see this picture, be aware that there are spoilers!

River Song, Doctor Who, "Spoilers"


One response to this post.

  1. I approve of your use of River Song :D


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