Book 13: The Shining

Next I get to read The Shining by Stephen King. Ooooooh boy. Stephen King's The Shining book cover

This will be my first Stephen King book. I’ve always had this sort of fascination with Stephen King, but somehow my mind made him almost taboo. He seemed like an adult version of the “Goosebumps” series from my childhood. Those books were scary and a bit twisted and kind of intense. ALL the kids in my grade school read them, but my mom wouldn’t let me. She said they were too scary and thought they would scar me for life. Naturally, I found one in my fourth grade classroom, snuck it home, and read it under the covers.

It didn’t scar me for life, but it scared me a bit. I think this is mostly because I wasn’t supposed to read it but I did anyway.

Anyway, at some point during my middle school and high school years, I somehow decided that Stephen King was the grown-up version of “Goosebumps.” Then I assumed that it was an unspoken “rule” that I shouldn’t read Stephen King because it would ruin my psyche or terrify me into insanity or something. I think I was in college before I realized that my parents probably wouldn’t care if I read Stephen King and, further, it probably wasn’t going to give me psychological problems.

I’ve seen the Jack Nicholson adaptation of The Shining. I liked it. There’s something so creepy about “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Also, my brother and I like to pretend to be Tony and talk through our fingers sometimes. So, I know the story. I actually really like horror movies, so I probably like horror novels. I’m looking forward to The Shining. 

If I don’t have any freaky dreams from reading this book, I’m going to be a little upset.


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  1. What I found so creepy about “All work and no play…” was realizing for that to be on so many pages, things have been going very badly for quite a while…
    This is also a great piece on how Kubrick used the set design to increase unease.


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