SO Freaking Scary

I have some friendly advice for you. You should really listen to me.


Trust me. You’ll be scared to sleep and you’ll figure that maybe you should just write your blog post about the book while you’re terrified because that could be fun, but you’ll be too freaked out to get up to get your computer. Every sound is your house coming to life and possessing everybody. Your house is out to get you.

That book is THE scariest thing. I even had an idea of what was coming because I’ve seen both the Kubrick AND the really long made-for-TV movies. They didn’t scare me that much. My uncle told me that for the last half hour of the Kubrick version he was crapping his pants. I wasn’t. I just enjoyed the tension.

But the book version of that. MY. GOSH. My heart was racing and I was terrified. I actually wanted to scream when a guy in a dog suit appeared in the hall. It was a What. The. Fuck. moment. And…just ALL of it.

I guess here’s a spoiler warning just in case. They really aren’t that bad, though.

River Song, Doctor Who, "Spoilers"

Throughout the whole book you really see all members of the Torrance family slide toward madness. The hotel starts to break into their consciousness through italicized, parenthetical statements until it’s flipped and you aren’t sure what’s up, what’s down, and who is who. You watch things go steadily downhill and there’s nothing you can do about it.

I think that insanity is what makes The Shining so scary. Nothing really makes sense and the Torrances have such little control over their lives or even their thoughts anymore. There is truly nothing they can really do about it once the Overlook starts to take control. GAAH I can’t even write about it, it’s so disturbing. The scariest part is the constant Poe references. The Red Death held sway over all.

MAN it was creepy. I LOVED The Shining. It was scary and disturbing and insane and it rocked.

Rating: *****
Up Next: White Teeth



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