Book #15: Casino Royale

This is me avoiding a cliche opening to this book by writing: My name is Bond. James Bond.

Oops. Ian Fleming "Casino Royale" James Bond book cover

I’m pretty excited to read Casino Royale, actually. It’ll be my first venture into the James Bond book universe. It seems appropriate that I’m starting with the first-ever-written Bond novel. Further, it’s appropriate because as far as the films go, “Casino Royale” is the first–and only– Bond flick I’ve seen.

I’m not a huge spy person. I don’t know why, because I’m all about the Cold War and subterfuge. Okay. I’m all about the Cold War. Which has little to do with James Bond, other than the setting.

This is kind of like when read The Maltese Falcon where I’m kind of familiar with the tropes, but through pop culture. I’m more familiar with the spy genre and its tropes than detective fiction, so I guess that’s good?

Like I said, I’ve seen “Casino Royale” and “Get Smart” and probably other spy movies that I don’t remember, like “Spy Kids” when I was young. Also, my younger brother and sister used to pretend to be spies and sometimes I joined in. Most recently, I saw this excellent episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine where Bashir uses the holosuites to act out Bondesque spy fantasies. It was pretty terrific.

Yes, I watch Deep Space Nine. It’s wonderful.

So all in all, I’m looking forward to Casino Royale and some good old predictable spy fiction tropes. Sometimes cliches in fiction are okay. Especially if you’re reading one of the things that originated the cliches.


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  1. Posted by solo on September 22, 2012 at 9:26 am

    I love you for mentioning that episode of DS9 :D
    The only Bond book I’ve read is License to Kill. I think if had sharks in it? Also it wasn’t even by Ian Fleming, so, lame.


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