Shaken, Not Stirred

Well, it’s safe to say that Casino Royale is a pretty quick read. It took me less than 24 hours to read it.

I enjoyed it, overall. I got a certain pleasure out of actually reading the words “Bond. James Bond.” in a book. It made me happy when Bond ordered a martini. I finally made the connection between Vesper and a Vesper Martini (yes, that took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out, considering I’ve seen the movie).

Casino Royale made me feel like I wanted to gamble. I’ve never gambled before, aside for the moneyless poker games I play with my uncles, cousins, and grandpa each Christmas. I would probably be really bad at it, since I suck at probability. Still, as I was reading the Baccarat scenes, I couldn’t help but wish that I was the one taking down the Russian spy. I wanted to be the slick, cool, collected badass high-stakes gambler.

I think that I secretly want to be James Bond. Who doesn’t, of course? Actually, according to the quote by Raymond Chandler on the back of the book, I’m supposed to want him between my sheets (“Bond is what every man would like to be and what every woman would like to have between her sheets.).

Unfortunately, I don’t think I would like Bond between my sheets. He’s kind of a sexist pig, isn’t he? Some of his internal comments about Vesper (or women in general) pissed me off a bit. The bit where he’s all, “Women shouldn’t be agents! That’s for us men. They should be in the kitchen with their pots and pans”? Um, no. Granted, I’m paraphrasing the book, but that’s the general idea. And he did say something about women staying with pots and pans. I was like, “Excuse me? Women can be badasses, too!”

I guess I should probably acknowledge that this whole chauvinist thing seems to come with the territory when you’re dealing with James Bond. It’s one of his flaws, I suppose. I guess when you’re good with a gun and quick-thinking, you have an ego and can afford to be a sexist pig because you’re sexy? Well, no. But evidently James Bond can.

Anyway, that annoyed me because women can be badass secret agents too. I guess Vesper kind of turned out to be sort of badass in the end? Sort of?

That’s really the only beef I had with Casino Royale. The slight sexism, that is. But again, I haven’t had much exposure to James Bond, but I don’t live under a rock so I know that that comes with the territory.

Rating: ***
Next, I’m reading Things Fall Apart from the list. But I promised a friend (after I lost a game of chess) that I’d read another book, The Haunting of Hill House. So. Those will both be coming up.

Probably The Haunting of Hill House mostly at first, because I don’t want to read Things Fall Apart.

Now, I’m off to see Bill Nye the Science Guy at my brother’s college. Be jealous.

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  1. Posted by solo on September 22, 2012 at 9:29 am

    Here is an awesome song about wishing to be James Bond (we all do it sometimes):

    Also yes I am so jealous argh


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