Book #23: The Fox

I read The Fox in one day, because it was only 80 pages. I have all this time to read because I’m still looking for work and I can only spend so many hours a day applying for jobs and reading the same classifieds.

The Fox was…interesting. It was sort of my second “spinster book” in a row. As far as I can explain, this novella is about two women – March and Banford – who live on a farm together because, at the ripe old age of “nearly thirty,” they realize that they are unlikely to ever marry. Banford is frail and womanly while March is the masculine one in the household.

Then there is a fox – both a literal fox and a metaphorical actual real human male fox – that infiltrates their lives. The fox (the real fox) is causing all sorts of problems for Banford and March. He steals their chickens. They try to shoot him with little success. It doesn’t take much of an imagination to figure out that the “metaphorical” fox, in the form of Henry, gets up to.

So, as far as I can tell, The Fox is about two women fighting against marriage, in a way. Banford and March like their household the way it is, and Henry is seeking to, essentially, steal one of the hens from the hen house in whatever way he can. 

While I thought that the idea of the book was interesting, it made me uncomfortable in a really weird way that I can’t describe very well (helpful, I know).

I’m withholding judgement on D.H. Lawrence until I’ve read another one of his books, but I’m counting on him being one of my favorites.

Rating: ***
Up Next: The Hobbit


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