Aaaaand We’re Back

So. It’s been awhile. Sorry about that. Again.

I think I’m going to finally start reading (and writing!) for this project again. I’ll probably explain more about why I’ve been gone as I go, I don’t know. But in a nutshell, I got busy and found myself not having much time to read and also not enjoying reading as much. I was already several books behind on the blog, and I’ve discovered that unless I’m reading, I’m not at all motivated to post on here.

I thought about coming on here and giving an update about how things were (not) going or trying to at least get caught up with the books I’d already finished. But that just brought back all the shame of “I’ve been stuck on the same book for four months.”

Basically, James Joyce happened to me. More specifically, Ulysses happened. That. Book. Is. Impossible. Literally impossible. I’m not even halfway through it and I’ve been reading it since May, though I haven’t touched it in several months.

I always intended to finish the book and make some sort of triumphant return (though no one here would realize how awful I’d had it so it’d only feel triumphant to me). But I think I’m going to concede temporary defeat on this one and try to come back to it later. Maybe.

I’ll probably write some sort of “Ulysses made me insane” rant post about my experience so far at some point, but right now this is just to say that I’m back(ish) and I’m planning on updating more soon.


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