10th Decade Roundup

Man. 100 books. This “decade” spans a lot of time. I started it back in February or March and finished it yesterday. It’s a little hard to remember some of the books I read six months ago, but I think I can manage to review them.

This was the batch that tried to defeat me. First I slogged through War and Peace, which was slow going but ultimately rewarding. Then I had a short break where I pounded through The Time Machine and The Devil and Miss Prym in about two days. That’s when it all went wrong and I tried to read Ulysses. For five months.

After that my original list included some Sartre and other less-than-fun reads. I decided to nix those books and pick six new books to finish out the batch. If I was ever going to start this project again, I needed to ease back in.

The Little Prince was a great way to get me back into it, and I also enjoyed some horror from both Edgar Allen Poe and another “never talk to strangers” story from Ian McEwan, and good old-fashioned science fiction as well. Then, of course, there was the mind-blowing science fiction. I finished up with Embers and Shroud, working myself back into books that weren’t really mind-blowing page-turners or fairly easy and quick reads like the others, but not so inaccessible and horrible that I couldn’t finish them.

(Though if I’m being honest, I read like half of my free book for this group, Wild, before I made myself finish Shroud)

Now I guess it’s time to rank some of these books.

My favorite, by far, was 2001: A Space Odyssey.
My least favorite, though I’m not sure I should count it because I didn’t finish, was CLEARLY Ulysses.
I’d say that Shroud is a close contender for least favorite, but I think that it was more a disappointment. It had so much potential to be awesome and then it wasn’t.
The Little Prince wins the award for the book that made me feel the most things. It’s also the book from this batch that I’m most likely to buy.

I’ll be back in a couple days with my review of Wild.


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