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Movie Tuesday #3: Cloud Atlas

We’re gonna try to be back with Movie Tuesdays after a brief hiatus.

Though there might be another hiatus soon. I’m so busy, guys. And next month I’ll finally be teaching full time, so it’s only gonna get busier!

Anyway, my flatmate and I watched Cloud Atlas last weekend.

I read Cloud Atlas way back in January, so I didn’t remember all of the plot. My flatmate just finished it a few weeks ago, so she was able to refresh my memory about certain things that did and didn’t happen in the book.

Going in, I was wondering how on earth the Wachowskis were going to manage to make such a complex, layered book into a movie that was even remotely comprehensible. I honestly wasn’t sure how they could make a movie that people who hadn’t read the book could follow. But they did (I think. I guess, not having watched the movie without having read the book, I can’t be sure). And what’s more, it made me appreciate the story in a whole different way.

While in the book, I was more focused on truth and literature and how stories can connect, the movie focused me much more on the idea of reincarnation and rebirth. It connected me with that awesome, scary, deep, holy shit place where I go when I read things that excite me spiritually, like William Blake or Walt Whitman or T.S. Eliot. It made me philosophize. I loved it.

They reused almost all of the main actors in each storyline. This really brought out the reincarnation theme well. It made me think about how these same souls kept interacting in different ways. The people and the contexts changed, but in a way, it was still all the same. This, combined with several quotes, chosen directly from the novel, about karma and rebirth, made the movie absolutely fantastic for someone like me, who loves to consider these types of things.

Overall, “Cloud Atlas” was a very, very pleasant surprise. I’m glad to have watched it. And I really can’t wait to see it again.

One last thing. . . with all the makeup and special effects they did with reusing the actors, it sometimes felt like a “Find Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, and Hugo Weaving Easter egg hunt.” Seriously, you should try it. You won’t believe who Hugo Weaving is in the Cavendish story. Or Halle Berry in the Sonmi story.

Rating: *****

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