the rules

I had some concerns about certain things and I wanted to figure out how all of this would work, so here are the rules I’m going to try and follow, until I stop following them:

  1. The book order will be chosen by a random number generator
  2. Blog upon starting each new book. Post cover, initial thoughts, “dust jacket” summary
  3. Blog upon finishing each book. Give thoughts about the book, some analysis and a review.
  4. If a book takes a long time, post reading updates once a week
  5. Reading multiple books is allowed, with stipulations
    1. A non-list book can be read along with a list-book as long as the list-book is not ignored
  6. Every “decade” (10 books), read a book or two that isn’t on the list. Choose wisely.
  7. Rate each book from 1-5 stars
  8. Choose the best book out of every “decade.” They will be the top ten in each “century”
  9. Every “century,” choose one book from the top ten to be the best.
  10. Buying books: Acceptable only if:
    1. Book’s been on “to buy” list already
    2. Costs less than $2.00 on Amazon

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