Hi, I’m Kelly, and I am probably crazy. A year or so back, I entertained the idea of doing something insane. I discovered the book 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die and figured that maybe I should read all 1001 and blog about it.

My goal is to finish in 10 years. What means I have to read 100 books every year. We’ll see if that actually happens.

Currently, I’m an ESL teacher living in Prague. My job involves spending a lot of time on public transportation, so it gives me plenty of time to read.

When I’m not reading, teaching English or navigating Prague’s metro system, I enjoy watching TV, geeking out about history, and sampling all of the wonderful Czech beer.

Other random facts about me:

My favorite Beatle is George Harrison
I take my copy of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass everywhere with me
My secret ambition is to become Indiana Jones


7 responses to this post.

  1. I think your blog will go very well, regardless of the speed with which you get through the 1001 books – or is that actually 1201.2 books – considering every ‘decade’ you’ll be reading two which are not on the list! Your reflections are very entertaining and well written. All the best with it, enjoy, and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of readers of your blog who will too…


  2. No no, not more daunting, I think it just means you have more to choose from, which is always good :)


  3. You’ve inspired me to embark on the same journey, Kelly! I’m not in a rush to read all of them, but I’m glad I have a list to refer to when I’m looking for a new book to read.


  4. Hey lady, think this is such an awesome idea! I did something similar where I watched 143 movies about love in 143 days.

    Would love to shoot you a quick email to pick your brain, if that’s ok?


    • Hi!

      Thanks so much for your comment. Your movie idea sounds really interesting too. I’d like to hear more about it.

      Go ahead and email me! I look forward to hearing from you. :)


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